You Know How to Buying Jewelry for Marriage

You Know How to Buying Jewelry for Marriage

The bride and the woman as a symbol of marriage, but the jewelry is also a ritual that must be the wedding as severance Ranging from wedding rings to a set of gold jewelry. However, the number of patterns, shapes and types of jewelry often makes the bride confused.

To overcome this James Allen, an expert jewelry 'Shira' jewelry companies some tips to consider when selecting wedding jewelry are described. The following tips As quoted from the All Women Stalk,

Advantages and disadvantages of jewelry

Gold is the most popular and classic choice for wedding rings. Gold has a mixed oxide level (the higher the greater is the percentage carat gold), and can be transformed into a variety of colors. Gold is less expensive than white gold but the color is more durable.

White gold

The color will fade faster and need attention. The color of white gold tends to look more modern and suitable for use by a variety of skin tones. Therefore, the price of white gold is more expensive than gold.


More dense and scratch resistance as compared to gold. However, it is more durable than white gold. Palladium not cause allergic skin white instead of gold and white gold, as well as more expensive than white gold.


It is not expensive and durable, but it can not be resized. Making requires no special skill. Later, titanium wedding rings so popular.

Where exactly to purchase

Bridal jewelry can be purchased directly at the gold shops or online. Remember that before you decide where you purchased your bridal jewelry ensures that the store has a returns and warranty points are clear and jewelery certification. If you decide to buy jewelry online search vendors offering services to design their own rings, free shipping and including contact numbers.

Know Your Diamond 4C

Carat diamond is the 4C (carat), color (color), Clarity (purity), and Cut (Piece). Before you decide to buy a diamond price is certainly not cheap, make sure you choose the best diamond according to your budget and also promising factor 4C.

Diamond shape suitable

The form is not a piece of diamond. Means that the overall shape of the diamond, while diamond cutting diamond means that the quality of lighting. Diamond shape, which is currently the most popular is the traditional round shape. However, some pear shapes such as oval, marquise (elongated shape with pointed ends) (like a teardrop) and heart (heart) may be an appropriate option.

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