That do not forgive after infidelity

That do not forgive after infidelity
For a woman who lives the experience of having been deceived, not easy to grant a pardon and redo the relationship as if nothing had happened. But if there comes a point at which this is achieved, you must consider some behaviors that are best avoided.

When a girl is deeply in love with your partner, it is possible to forgive infidelity, but you should know that by taking this decision, you have to take a big maturity and understand that when you decide to "forgive", must leave behind many attitudes and behaviors that can lead to a failure, this new attempt.

When a guy also vows to continue the relationship, it is because you want to feel comfortable with your partner, without being pressured, forced or followed. So before you start investigating again, keep in mind and remember that if they are together again, it's because they decided to leave that episode in the past. Do not fall back into the role of jealous girl looking at the mobile, social media posts, what it does, what does not, who speaks or who does not. Although you can reduce some of the anxiety, if the boy comes to realize, you can produce a very large and endless arguments problem, because in a way it is a violation of their privacy and have next to an obsessive girl.

It is common for a woman to feel cheated anger and frustration, but not about blaming everyone and take a heavy attitude with another woman. It is true that the two infidels failed, but do not absolve the man of responsibility and guilt. If you made an infidelity is because both wanted and is big enough to understand and know what is right and not.

Another of the mistakes that the girls after being deceived is to change your personality and try to please all the ways by her boyfriend. It is fatal, because it falls in a behavior that only seeks to "love" the other, but the goal is not really let go. True, there are some bugs and changing attitudes that annoy the other, but not to the point of becoming a completely different woman and just do what your partner says and it gets to a point of extreme manipulation.

If a girl getting pregnant to retain her boyfriend and think that you will love it or never be unfaithful, is totally wrong. It is perhaps one of the more errors you may regret later and not the baby, but because you will realize that did the wrong thing by obsession and desire. A child is not a game, it is a life and covers great responsibilities also does not guarantee the love of another person.

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