Health love and Kiss Effect

Health love and Kiss Effect

A kiss can have a different meaning for each person, but generally, the vast majority generates them a great emotional and physical pleasure when giving and receiving kisses.

A kiss can be important for some or just a quick way to approach others without much importance , a mark that is left on overnight and you can forget . Actually a kiss can be seen as a sign that can change lives if only for a few moments , and also to generate excitement and positive feelings for the mind and emotions, also provides welfare to health.

1. The first thing that has been said and it is true , is that kissing helps reduce the chance of developing caries, because the fact of mutual exchange of fluids , especially saliva provides a natural " cleaning " to remove the Agents generating tartar and caries.

2 . Being something exciting , makes the happiness hormones multiply, so when a girl just kiss your partner or by which the boy loses his head , begins to feel very happy , full of vitality , energy and good desire to do many things , smiling, dancing, feeling totally full . The production of chemicals in the brain joy multiply, and make the body feel incredible being.

3. As you know , kissing does lose some calories , not too much, but if a few , then you better go thinning of inches, to end of kisses !

4. Blood pressure is easily controlled through kissing,
it is an easy way to reduce stress, worry , alterations in veins and arteries, and generally improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system, so this sweet and simple, every organ of the body will have a very good blood supply .

5 . Usually, kissing and being loved by a kiss, improves or give birth to an excellent level of self-esteem. Sometimes women think they are not observed or are an attraction to a handsome man , but when they are kissed by a big draw and better if there are feelings , can feel important, valued and very happy. At this point also applies to the fact that two people are compatible , that is, it has both chemical and not physical , but to hormonal attraction . Even leaving aside the fact of sex . While some feel excited , happy and even excited a first kiss with a boy , maybe others feel insecure , nervous and even pity , for they know if they did , if the other person will be attracted or if Conversely disliked . 

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