Victory over the pimples - The reality on the verge of fantasy

Victory over the pimples - The reality on the verge of fantasy

Around the world, millions of people suffer from acne - regardless of skin color, age and social status. Acne - the problem of the whole of humanity, and each of us will one day could face her. You know the picture, when the morning sun is still shining, the sky no clouds, and the evening begins hurricane? Acne also comes suddenly and decisively, leaving no time to think - why did this happen?

America against acne

In America, think about the causes of acne, long before the invention of Proactiv. Scientists have studied this issue extensively, conducting experiments, testing and research. Dermatologists used to practice opening scientists, assigning patients to various medications, and cosmetologists use their funds - masks, lotions and peels.

The American Academy of Dermatology seriously attended to the problem of acne, as every year the number of men and women with acne is not decreasing but increasing. It already looks like a disaster.

The most common treatment for acne in America - and retinody antibiotics (drugs with vitamin A), chemical peels of glycolic and salicylic acids and complex effects on the skin cosmetic products that cleanse the pores and soothe irritation.

Initially, all the new tools give a temporary effect, and then crisis can occur, and everything will return to the previous course. Acne - like a lizard, whose tail is cut off, and she immediately grows a new one. 

Unfortunately, acne can not be cured by traditional methods. Is this forever?

Proactive invention - a revolution in cosmetology

Two American dermatologist Katie Rodan Stanford University and Casey Fields every day during the reception of patients faced with the problem of acne. Based on the research and development of the American Academy of Dermatology, they assigned a treatment that does not work. Patients returned and waited with hope that they will offer some new techniques. Rodan and Fields have seen the pain in the eyes of people who felt like outcasts in society, losing confidence and hope for the future. But these people still believe in miracles, and therefore do not give up.

And the miracle happened. Katie Rodan and Fields Casey developed Proactiv - amazing efficiency three-step system that will help to forget about acne forever. The system has been tested and approved by US dermatologists. Proactive immediately became popular, and getting rid of acne ceased to seem something fantastic and unreal. And most importantly - the millions of people find hope .

How does Proactive?

Proactiv system consists of three steps: cleansing, toning and impact. But the Proactive different from other funds? In the world of selling as many therapeutic drugs against acne, and practically every cosmetic brand boasts of therapeutic agents, helps get rid of acne. Revolutionary Proactiv is that it is based on microcrystalline forms of benzoyl peroxide - a unique substance from which the eels are running like the plague!

Proactive operates smoothly, gently and carefully, otshelushivaya dead skin cells, removing excess sebum and cleans pores, penetrating deep into the subcutaneous layer. And there, in the beginning, where lurk the bacteria that cause acne, and there is the most important - benzoyl peroxide destroys them forever. It turns out that acne can win! We just need to choose the right tool.

Just trust Proactiv!

Even great people and show business stars suffer from acne. We are all equally powerless against incurable diseases. And we are experiencing, feeling their inferiority. Katy Perry, the famous singer and songwriter, first met with the problem of acne when I started touring. "Because of the eternal journeys I have had a stressful condition and constant lack of sleep. Suddenly all this stress affected spots on my face. Because of this, I was very embarrassed and felt uncomfortable. I had to apply all this makeup to hide them. I wanted only one thing to be able to go out alone, so no one sees my acne. This problem is to manage my life and, of course, my self-confidence. "

Try different procedures for cleaning face and all sorts of means, Katy Perry finally decided to try Proactiv. The result was stunning: "Since then, with my face and my confidence has undergone great changes. All of the large, protruding above the surface became flat spots, stains and traces of acne on my face became noticeably smaller and smaller, and even some scars began to disappear. I do not know ... There's something magic in those little bottles! "

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