Making a Good Feminine Hygiene

Making a Good Feminine Hygiene

Intimate hygiene of women in recent years has gained a special significance with the emergence therefore of different products and techniques that allow us to lead a healthy life, but sometimes it is not always so.

Female genital area

It is important to note that the skin in this area is quite different from the rest of the body as it is much more susceptible to the action of some products and much more sensitive .

In this process, vaginal discharge plays a very important role as it helps to get the balance of bacterial flora to prevent colonization of external pathogens. But the outer genital area is in continuous contact with different elements so we must take extra care .

In recent years attention has been focused in pro-biotic , a living organisms that cause improvement in the health conditions of people . Pro-biotic are populating the vagina and lac-to bacilli are the best known . These living organisms colonize the vaginal epithelium , creating an acidic environment that kills pathogens.

Any small change that takes place by the reduction of these microorganisms to modify the acidic environment, indirectly increases the possibility of vaginal inflammation and the formation of secretions .

These pathogens not only attack the surface and the vaginal epithelium but also causes a deterioration in the walls of the vagina, making it the protective capability allowing access other pathogens that may be very dangerous to fade.

Making a good feminine hygiene

The first thing to consider is the use of products that have neutral agents so that the pH of the genital mucosa is not altered, as well as irritation or dryness.

To the extent possible, avoid intimate deodorants and enhancing dryness and may mask what could be the start of an infection.

We must eliminate douching because eliminate microorganisms that protect the vagina plus also cause dryness. This area should be washed with water alone or at least with a mild soap.

The underwear should be changed daily and have to wash it with neutral detergent also. We recommend the use of underwear is cotton or at least it is in the genital area.

Sponges used to proceed to wash the genital area are usually a nest of germs, so they should also be avoided.

Tampons and sanitary napkins which are used during menstruation should be changed every three or four hours. The buffers must be used besides only when necessary and does not, for preventing the output of the bacteria and the flow.

Laser hair removal is not recommended in this area as it certainly alters the environment of the Natural Genital.

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