Health and Beauty benefits of apples

Health and Beauty benefits of apples

The benefits of apples is so convincing that there is no doubt nor official science, nor in the household - let's learn how useful properties of apples manifest themselves in matters of health, nutrition and maintaining beauty.

What are the benefits of apples for health

Few fruits that have many benefits for our health, like apples. Range of useful properties of apples for the body is so broad that virtually no life-support systems, which would not take apples from any nutrients, vitamins or minerals. And, first of all, it is worth noting the benefit of apples for the cardiovascular system. Apples perform a useful function as a cholesterol-lowering. Furthermore, apples, especially green contain important elements such as calcium and potassium, that promote cardiac muscle.

For the musculoskeletal system benefits of apples lies in the ability to output oxalic acid and its salts from the joints and thus prevents and cures problems such as gout and arthritis.

The benefits of apples for the digestive system too invaluable. Eating apples improves peristalsis, which allows to get rid of toxins, promotes normalization of metabolic processes and the conclusion of poisons and toxins that many times reduces the risk of cancer. Baked apples are useful for stomach ulcers and gastritis.

Useful properties of apples traditionally used for maintaining and raising immunity, as well as vitamin deficiency, a high content of vitamin C and anti-bacterial properties. Apples are rich in iron and, especially those that grow in "your" band, which is used in the treatment of anemia.

Useful properties of apples in dietetics.

The benefits of apples for people who want to lose weight, to establish a good metabolism, recognized by official science. There are even a sanatorium, where weight loss, cleansing the body rests precisely on the apple menu. At home, slimming actively used the apple diet, more on that you can read in a special material, see announcements under Article.

If you sustain a diet is difficult to arrange a least one useful apple fasting day a week. Moreover, it is enough to eat half an hour before the main meal 1 apple, then you will eat less than half than usual. Thus, you can lose pounds and not sticking to a rigid diet.

How useful apples for our beauty

Another scope of the beneficial properties of apples - home cosmetology. Apple facial mask suitable for all skin types, especially they are important for sagging and wrinkled skin. Treatments with gruel made ​​from apples give freshness, youth and radiance, as well as get rid of age spots on the skin. Simply grate fresh apple and apply the resulting mass of the person 15 minutes And, for oily skin will be more useful sour green apples, and for normal to dry - sweet apples.

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