How to get rid of the smell of tobacco

How to get rid of the smell of tobacco

How to get rid of the smell of tobacco in the flat and clothes - not an idle question, because the smell of tobacco is not only annoying, but also leads to disease.

Just say that the odor of tobacco in the house is easier to prevent than to get rid of, so once someone smokes, summer certainly immediately ventilate the room. And in the winter, if there is no air conditioning, you can insert into the vent apartments a small fan, which will drive the smells of tobacco (and not only them) in the ventilation shaft.

But how to get rid of the smell of tobacco, if it is already firmly entrenched in the apartment? The biggest difficulty is the removal of smoking from textiles and carpets - they hold, according to experts, up to 70 percent of the smell of tobacco. First, wash your carpets with special scented carpet cleaner and preferably using detergent cleaner. These tools will be useful for the removal of smoking with upholstery. After cleaning the carpets dry well is required, otherwise the remaining moisture can damage the fibers. As for smaller objects such as curtains, covers upholstered furniture, they should wash the double well in the washing machine and dry thoroughly.

The same method will help get rid of the smell of tobacco in the clothes. But coats, coats and other large items, irreparable home washing, should be attributed to the dry cleaners. No perfumes, which recommend to put in the closet, the smell of tobacco in the flat and clothes will not help, so do not waste your time.

At home, get rid of the smell of tobacco, in the apartment, use other flavors that are able to "kill" the annoying cigarette scent. For this purpose, suitable, for example, ground coffee: it is placed in several open vessels and are arranged in different places in the house. Alternative for fans of fresh citrus flavors - peel from orange. It also laid out a few saucers and placed, for example, in the cabinets. This natural flavor refreshes the air for several days.

Another interesting option of using available tools to remove the smell of tobacco in the flat and clothes - your favorite perfumes. Apply a little bit of perfume on the light bulb, and when you light a light in the room, the fragrance starts to evaporate rapidly and the fragrance of your perfume envelops the entire room. Exactly the same principle of working oil burner, which will also help you drown out the smell of tobacco.

Many housewives argue that getting rid of the smell of tobacco in the flat and clothes helped them vinegar. To do this, dissolve in the water tank a little apple cider vinegar and this lineup wipe all hard surfaces in the house - tables, cabinets, shelves, window sills, very good to them and wash the floor. Good and Wallpaper lightly rub hard wrung cloth. Remains the smell of vinegar, which is fast disappearing from the apartment just a day the same Aroma airing.

If the previous tips to get rid of the smell of tobacco in the house seem to be too complicated to execute, get a special aromatic device that runs from the outlet. Include those flavors and it refreshes the room throughout the entire day for several weeks. Before such an attack can not stand even the most persistent smell of tobacco!

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