Harmful products - What to exclude, to lose weight

Harmful products - What to exclude, to lose weight
Firstly, because it excluded from its menu some harmful products I was going myself - alas, during the winter gained a few extra pounds, and has become an urgent topic of weight loss. Secondly, always a pleasure to do something for the money than most free to dig into materials online - so I was at the right time in the right place, and make a list of products that are prohibited for weight loss, remained a matter of technique.

To "honor" the first place products that are harmful to weight loss, were pasta. Although I know that there are pasta premium, which, if found and properly prepare, but to combine with vegetables, it can sometimes be used. But we are not accustomed to retreat, so the pasta in any form from the menu of those who decided to lose weight rule.

The next product in our adverse rating - carbonated drinks in all their manifestations. Not only that, a glass of lemonade, according to the table of caloric foods, "weighs" the average lunch, so sodas and even change us all known acid-base balance, thus disrupting the metabolism.

White bread - as we do not like sandwiches, a harmful product wishing to lose weight should also be deleted. The reason - again most caloric and, equally important, a high glycemic index, which translated into normal language means a product that does not give a feeling of satiety. That is to say you ate a whole loaf, and eat again soon want. Definitely the black list.

Fast food - Following an array of products to be excluded from the diet to lose weight. For fast food all add fast food that can be prepared in a minute or two - alas, it must be said, nothing useful in these colorful boxes and cups are long gone. But starch, flavor enhancers, dyes, fast carbohydrates and fats abound. Thus, we have a very low nutritional value, multiplied by the huge calorie. How to lose weight - a question for fans of such products is extremely complex.

Sausages - alas, they too were on our list of harmful products from which you want to get rid of to lose weight. 300 calories per hundred grams of the product! Even manufacturers no longer hide the fact that the real meat in the modern sausage were some interest, and the rest - soy, meat, fats, spices. And a huge amount of supplementation with the letter E, so we ate and were confident that we eat meat.

Candies, milk chocolate, pastries, ice cream, cookies - in short, all confectionaries, which we adore and call the it as "sweet", unfortunately, too, should be excluded from the menu of all who lose weight. Unfortunately, they all contain the transgenic fat, which had a very negative impact on our health. Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, liver problems and digestive system - but does it make sense to list them harm. As for weight loss, something sweet prohibit almost all diet - alas, it is not by accident. So, I do not want to here and now eat candy, I think I give up, and do not advise you, because we are losing weight. However, if you really desire to take sweet throat, will reveal the secret - choose honey, dried fruit, while out shopping - marshmallows and candy.

Output. By eliminating these foods from your diet, you'll be a few steps closer to your goal - weight loss. And more about how to get rid of any products worth to lose weight, look in the material table calorie foods.

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