How to choose a mink coat

How to choose a mink coat
Mink fur coat - the dream of many women. And if you have the opportunity to buy a mink coat, be sure to do it, but before doing so learn how to choose a mink coat. This question is difficult - mink coat is expensive, a lot of fakes on the market, so the choice of a mink coat should come with great responsibility.

Selecting a mink coat - the quality of fur

The most important thing when choosing a mink coat - to evaluate the quality of the fur. To start stroke fur "against the grain" and see how fast he will regain the original appearance. If there is a "straight up" and did not want to go back to its original position, it says about the poor quality mink and choose a coat should not be.

Next, we perform a visual inspection: about the skin itself, you should see a light fuzz covering its entire surface. Mink coat should certainly have it! If you do not see, better give up the dubious purchase.

Another point, which is essential to choose a mink coat - experience the fur product "strength." Shake it or gently pull the hairs. If mink coat with fur or poured a decent bundle of hairs left in your hand, it speaks of the irregularity of production or storage of fur products. This coat will quickly lose its presentation, so why pay so much money for a defective product?

By the way, are you sure that you have considered the coat is made of mink and really is not a fake? Choosing a mink coat, pay close attention to the length of the fur: the hairs on the entire surface of the coat must have the same length - is a sign of the authenticity of the fur.

And finally, the seams. Tell you in all seriousness - manufacturers of these mink coats are always left at the bottom of a piece of lining neprishity the buyer could look at and see the quality of the lining of the joint. If everything is closed - think.

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