Looks for looking good on the beach or by the pool

Looks for looking good on the beach or by the pool

Who does not like to be always beautiful? But the truth is that during the summer there are times when it is particularly difficult, especially when leaving the water. When hair is wet, it can cope with but when it begins to dry out, is when the crisis begins. Discover how to overcome it.

Tips for hair to leave the water

By the time you leave the water dangles your hair with the help of any of the specific products to wet hair and protecting hair at a time. If your hair is straight, you can let air dry or you can pick it up to the side with bobby pins so that when it dries, remains a kind of wave.

Another option is to get a wet effect. To do this with still wet hair spread over it a little moisturizing mask or protector and distribute it throughout the hair well and then comb it back and let it dry. You get to be perfect and always have your hair hydrated.

If you want to achieve wavy hair, when you have wet hair, use a sunscreen spray. Become four braids in her hair and pick them up in a bun until dry. When you release the hair you've got wavy hair quite natural.

To achieve a tousled look and have long hair ideally use a light hair gel and apply it on something all the hair to leave it on. With it you get a wet and tousled look.

You can also make braids in addition to being very comfortable and flattering, take them off when you get a very fashionable waves.

Another of the most comfortable hairstyles are you a ballerina bun with holding forks. As they take positions, have a very trendy hairstyle and when you take it off, you'll look very open and large waves that can be perfect to spend the remainder of the day and even night out.

Mix braids and a bun. To do this make a semi collected as ballerina bun on top of your head leaving the hair lost part of the neck. When you keep your hands on the bow, and make two braids with the rest of the hair, one on each side, or even both on the same side below the bun with a fork.

Your hair with foam or gel and make a tail high horse properly stretched and letting her hair fall freely from behind. You get a very appropriate look for a day of sun and water.

Finally, we offer you a casual ponytail, ie it is not made with much rigor. For this you can leave a few loose hairs and not squeeze the rubber too. You can opt for this look for any time of day, any time.

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