How to get defined curls at home

How to get defined curls at home

If you want to change your look or have some waves in your hair undefined, read the following article to enjoy every day of a gorgeous hairstyle thanks to the masks and tricks that we are going to propose.

Assembling loops at home

Incredibly there are different ways to achieve a perfect curls without using electrical appliances that only serve to damage the hair. If your hair is straight or your waves are not well defined can choose to make a "turnstile" when you have hair still wet and tight as you can. Bind them with tweezers for a couple of hours and when they begin to dry, drop them and stir the hair for added volume.

If your hair has a slight wave you can spend a comb having a wide tooth still damp hair to prevent breakage when untangle. After separating tufts go and bend with fingers and holding it for a minute or less. Repeat with all the hair and let it go drying only.

Homemade hair masks

If you prepare some homemade masks help eliminate frizz and enjoy a well-armed and perfect waves. A good mask is heat two tablespoons of olive oil with half a cup of honey. With this mixture massage the scalp and hair first then proceeds to the tips. After covering the hair with a plastic cap and leave it on for half an hour to finish washing it with shampoo that does not contain sulfate.

Another solution is to heat a cup of coconut oil or olive oil and homogeneously applied throughout the hair. Place a hot towel on the head for half an hour for the oil to better absorb and then washed with cold water. Repeat this operation three times a week. Then dry the hair a bit and use any of the techniques described above to build your curls.

Get used to realizable weekly deep treatment for your hair look more healthy and beautiful. To this mixture the whole avocado pulp of a spoon with olive oil. Add a spoon after baking powder and applied all over the hair. Leave it on for fifteen minutes and then rinse. Wash as usual and choose your preferred technique to enhance your curls.

Another excellent option is once out of the shower and you're drying your hair with the help of a towel, turn upside down so that the hair is like "hanging" to the ground. Then press from the tips of the hair up with the help of hands and go arming small "lots" with a closed fist while you exert pressure to the level of the scalp. You'll get some nice curls form a completely natural way.

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