Fine but without combing

Fine but without combing

Hairstyles without much perfectionism are the latest fashion statement as the hair is concerned, and it is important to know which are hairstyles that look much more natural, simple and to remove a girl a few years more.

Fix your hair is one of the processes that can get you out of boxes for many women, because sometimes your hair is unruly, dirty very fast, does not let combed when wet and you need to apply creams to avoid pine begins to appear frizz. But one of the trends of hairstyles being handled with great strength in recent seasons, is to be combed, but without combing the hair.

At first glance it might seem crazy, because it's almost like leaving home as if newly erected, but a matter of learning how to fix your hair without spending a comb, a brush, tie with a ribbon, an anger or a buckle . The goal is for a very casual look, either collected or hair down, you have nothing planned to be generated.

The general concepts involved are those of simplicity and a touch of disheveled appearance. Back stay elaborate hairstyles, which must have a lot of hairspray over the hair to an inch, or one has to develop a stylist does not move, because at home you can not make complicated or foreign tissues collected. Visually, the hair will be much softer, without any product that gives a special appearance with a simple, relaxed and even a little tangled textures, but with excellent presentation.

One element that generates the most impact is the use of the Californian hair, the hair color, tone it may become more attractive and that will give the girls a very cool image and even elegant. One of the most striking is the ponytail is done naturally, without looking if a hair out or stay as a time was close to the band that the hair is chosen. Even some fringe out, you better let them loose, they will give the look a twist.

Moreover, for all the girls there are great news: both let perfectionism hairstyles, you can make them to be removed over many years. Another result that will be seen, is that the girls have a much more romantic and delicate air, no matter if they are wearing leather clothes or maybe if you look a little more impressive and strong. The goal is to generate such contrasts between personalities, hairstyles, and accessories look.

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