Mesotherapy For Hair

Mesotherapy hair has already gained recognition and popularity as one of the most effective methods to combat hair loss and weakening. The success of this method is determined by the fact that it allows you to directly address the root cause of problems - inadequate nutrition of hair follicles.

Mesotherapy For Hair

The mesotherapy is good for hair

Mesotherapy For Hair is a special technique of administration of biologically active substances in the area responsible for the nutrition and growth of hair. With special patient miniature needles are introduced into the scalp therapeutic cocktails composed of various nutrients. Cocktails are selected individually for each patient, taking into account the current state of his hair, contraindications, and the desired effect. Typically, the ingredients used vitamins, micro and macro elements that are vital to our hair, such as B vitamins, zinc, etc.

The introduction of these products directly to the scalp to effectively stimulate blood flow to hair follicles and improve their nutrition. Useful substances are released immediately to the right place and in the required quantity. Due to this exposure normalizes metabolism in the scalp and hair to become stronger and grow better.

Sessions mesotherapy

The advantage of mesotherapy is a painless method that, after the introduction of special, very thin needles hardly felt. Each session of mesotherapy takes 30-40 minutes, so even very busy people can not afford to spare the time for medical treatment. To eliminate seborrhea, hair regrowth, or simply to improve their appearance is usually enough to take a course of 8-10 sessions. However, a specific treatment plan determined by a physician, who shall designate the number of sessions and courses.

Mesotherapy for hair - price

The cost of a standard course of mesotherapy for hair in Moscow, about 15-25 thousand. rubles, which is available to many people, especially if you compare the effectiveness of mesotherapy with other, more questionable techniques such as building and, especially hair transplants. In other cities, I'm sure, in the order of magnitude smaller.

Mesotherapy For Hair - contraindications

However, it should be borne in mind that mesotherapy may be contraindicated for some patients. In some cases, there may be individual intolerance of drugs belonging to the therapeutic cocktails. Also, this procedure can not be performed in the presence of tumors, chronic infectious diseases or acute inflammatory processes. Mesotherapy is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women, and doctors are advised not to carry out procedures at the time of menstruation.

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