How to apply makeup on dry skin

How to apply makeup on dry skin

If you have a dry skin, apply makeup to the face, it is likely that instead of improving your skin, get to accentuate your imperfections. Discover some tips when applying makeup looks in these cases and a radiant complexion.


The key to the makeup to take the effects you want , is to maintain excellent hydration. To do this you must use special facial products for dry skin when you go to clean the face and then moisturize with a good layer of cream for about five minutes prior to applying foundation makeup .

Apply a creamy base

The abettors of skin blemishes and creamy foundation work especially well on dry skin. Just make sure that before applying these products are at least at room temperature. Be sure to use a brush instead of your fingers when applying both the base and concealer to prevent flaking skin . If a very light coverage is desired , you must slide the brush over your face gently .

Using powders and cream eye shadows

Learn makeup is to try to bring out the best in people and minimize any flaws . A makeup powder on dry skin hardens marking more wrinkles , lines and folds possible . It is therefore advisable to use a powder foundation that is creamy eye color that harmonizes with the makeup base . Cheekbones must accentuate bright colors such as pale pink, gold or bronze tone , while keeping away metallics have wrinkles when in this zone. Do not use your fingers in this case either.

Liner for Liquid Eyeliner

For women with dry skin using a liquid eyeliner is recommended as pencils or eye powders crumble very easily causing wrinkles and fine lines stand out.

To end is mascara. The basic rule is replaced every three months and you can start , I passed this time, with clumping also contaminated. Be especially careful with the use of masks that are resistant to water and there are some formulas that can become dry lashes. To use it you must pass the brush through the lashes with soft movements , beginning near the base of lashes and gently sweep the tips.

Before bed must be completely removed using either a mascara makeup remover specially formulated eye or using a little olive oil. To apply must close your eyes and apply it with the help of a cotton which smoothly pass through the eyelashes and eyelids. Do not forget either the rest or facial complexion .

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