5 Tips for a Long lasting makeup

5 Tips for a Long lasting makeup
Come for a wedding or attend a major event and after a lot of work to achieve a perfect makeup, we note with disappointment, as, after an hour, lipstick has faded, the shadows are not as flush or see more tenuous.

Even when working in the office or in our professional field at the end of the day makeup even noticed despite several tweaks made​​.

So we ask: What can we do to make our makeup last longer on our face? What are the tips and beauty tips to achieve this?

Makeup and secrets for long duration on the skin

If you want a beautiful finish and, at the same time durable, it is necessary to take into account some special care when applying cosmetics.

The base
The secret of all make-up is in the correct application of this product , and that this looks good , the face should be clean and moisturized . To choose it , take note that this is a long lasting cosmetic ; you must spread it proportionally until a thin layer spread throughout the face.

 The pressed powder
Applying a layer of a translucent base powder seal . Preferably , this product should be waterproof to prevent it from falling a few hours after being applied , and give passage to the emergence of so unpleasant and unsightly shine .

Pencils and shadows
To look elegant and serene look at throughout the day , you need to cosmetics remain intact. It uses a tabbed rlzador completely transform the look and keep him alive ; then opt for natural shades, water resistant and long lasting. Other products ( pens, masks or other ) , must also comply with these features .

The flush or blush
To give you a porcelain finish to your look , you can apply a little blush , to space gently from the nose to the cheekbones . These cosmetics do not usually come or vanish , unless the surface is constantly rubbing ; therefore it is not necessary to edit them throughout the day .

It is important to choose a resistant paint , because otherwise , you can fade quickly. I chose a dark shadow , it is best to apply a natural makeup for lips , eyes and if you have clear hues , apply paint a more colorful , like a red in tense or chocolate.

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