What hides behind the shampoo

He is the best friend of women when it comes to hair care, but that sometimes haunts not know what type of shampoo you should choose the best care for your hair, which does not cause them dandruff or which prevents having to wash it as often because it minimizes the concentration of fat in the scalp.
What hides behind the shampoo

Many may say shampoo packaging one thing, but does not mean that everything written there is 100% true, so it is best guided by the results of research and studies that have been done so you can check the effectiveness of each shampoo for every hair type and girl.

For example, what is most often said, is that certain type of shampoo produces more fat, but there are others that control it. What really happens is that there may be a control or regulation of fat but no intervention on total production of fat in the scalp. Improvements can be momentary and so a girl who has oily hair and bathe with an anti fat shampoo will clean hair for a few hours, but does not mean that week after week, his hair begins to look less oily.

Actually fat production is linked to hormonal behavior, and there are some girls who may be affected by a high level of stress.

Another commonly held myths is that there are some hair products that produce baldness or conversely, that help grow hair. The shampoo, according to experts, is a cosmetic product, so there is no effect on  on the scalp to the hair starts to fall out. Baldness occurs several millimeters under the scalp and to that extent there is no access to shampoo, so there is no reason why these products are involved in hair loss. Only serves to clean and transiently.

- Finally, there been a growing attention and obsession components of cosmetics, arguing that they can be harmful, causing damage, which are dangerous or cause allergies. Actually what allergy may be possible if the girl or the person applying the shampoo are allergic to any of its components, but if not, there is no risk. What if you have to keep in mind is that you must check the Ph of each product and make sure it is not too high. The best are the neutral pH, i.e. between 4.5 and 5.5.

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