Perfect tan all year

If you want to keep all year that perfect tan you got during the summer months, you should know that there are remedies that will help you get a completely natural way, without having to spend money going to sessions tanning and also at home .

Perfect tan all year

Coco to be tanned all year

The disappearance of the summer when temperatures begin to drop, that pretty dark tone that made our skin look so nice, also disappears, giving way to an unflattering white and pale color. If you want to continue showing off your skin and wear your favorite clothes without harming your health, prepares the next home sunscreen with all-natural ingredients.

For this you'll need six tablespoons coconut oil, six table spoons of cocoa butter and twelve drops of lavender oil.

Starts melting the cocoa butter. You can do either a microwave or double boiler, as you prefer. When it has already melted remove it and mix it with coconut oil and lavender oil until you get a well homogeneous paste, which must extend throughout your body and let it dry without rinsing afterwards.

If you exfoliate the entire body before extending this natural sunscreen, you'll get a very nice and even tone as you will remove all the dead skin cells while the visualizer. In this way the product will penetrate into the dermis much better too.

By using this homemade sunscreen, besides acquiring a nice tan at any time of year as we have said, you can also relax the most since lavender oil has a strong soothing power that gives off a very nice and pleasant aroma.

Tea to preserve the tan

When you finish your holiday and want to continue to maintain that beautiful tan that you purchased for them, you can use the following natural remedy beauty so that your tan will last much longer.

To do this you just going to need six bags of black tea. Fill your bathtub with water and boil while a liter of water to which you're adding six tea bags. After check in bath water and soak result in it to enjoy during fifteen minutes of a relaxing bath. Besides stress away you get your tan last much longer with this trick.

Milk to alleviate sunburn

If your case is that you suffer burns on the skin due to excessive sun or you have not taken the necessary precautions, you can alleviate the itching caused by them with this simple home remedy.

Soak gauze milk is very cold and go placing in areas of your body that have appeared sunburn. Keep them pressed for a few minutes and repeat the process several times a day. You'll see how the burns will fade and of course, they cause itching.

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