How to prevent hair loss

The healthy hair and his fall is something that comes to us all worry at some point in our lives. While it is true that the genetic component in losing hair has a lot of weight, there are ways to prevent it. Find out how.

Some tips to combat hair loss

Having a right nutrients in which not miss any mineral, helps maintain healthy hair. If for example you have an iron deficiency is hair will be more brittle and will be weaker so it will fall over. The same happens if there is a lack of zinc.

How to prevent hair loss

The availability of good nutrients, without any lack of minerals, certainly help us to maintain the health of our hair. Know that if, for example, have iron deficiency, our hair will look weak and brittle, and therefore fall more. Same with the zinc. There is also another component if missing in the body causes the hair is lost, problems with skin and weak nails and this component is biotin which can be found in beef liver, oily fish, in eggs in brewer's yeast in nuts, strawberries, brown rice, in tomatoes, in peas and bananas.

Nor can we neglect the cysteine, a basic amino acid that strengthens and makes hair grow. It is found in eggs, chicken, turkey broccoli.

Remedies for Hair Loss

There is a very effective and simple remedy that apple cider vinegar is used as oxygenates and stimulates the scalp, making it very convenient to get a massage with this ingredient. For this you need a vaporizer in which you will introduce half a glass of apple cider vinegar with half a glass of water. You apply the result to damp hair and massaging you for five minutes to finish rinsing with warm water twice a week.

Another effective remedy is one in which carrot and coconut milk is used, since these two elements act as a major nutrient for hair since both have B vitamin that is essential for hair growth. To implement this remedy you just need a medium-sized carrot be mixing with coconut milk in a blender until a sort of batter to be used as a moisturizing tonic. It should also apply to wet hair with gentle massage and leave it on for about twenty minutes. It is recommended during this time put a shower cap for best acting tonic. Then rinsed with warm water and then wash your hair as usual. It is also advisable to apply it twice a week to get good results in the shortest time possible.

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