Get your Face Shine-free and Charm

Get your Face Shine-free and Charm

 In summer especially, the skin that are fatty or mixed have another problem: sweat. For the skin will not fill if brightness is your case, extreme care with the following tips.

Some miraculous effects with some care

The humidity and heat also stimulate the sebaceous glands and increase the risk of the appearance of granite, liquefies the fat, which causes the appearance of brightness especially in the forehead, chin and nose. To avoid this you should use light moisturizers. Ask a review you normally use cosmetics, especially creams for day to change formulas that are more watery. Products that are specific for combination skin often be very suitable for the summer because they provide moisture without adding fat and reduce the production of the same.

The magnifying products are available in cream, gel or fluid and help remove fat from the skin at the time. You can even extend over makeup and get a spectacular result that will last you hours.

You can also opt for some natural remedies as an infusion of rosemary should apply cold to the face like a tonic to help regulate fat production and reduce glare. You can also use masks yogurt, cucumber or tomato.

A daily cleaning

To try to combat this problem is essential to keep the skin free of impurities and clean always. It can be achieved by using a cleansing gel to water twice a day and if you have very sensitive skin you can use mi-cellar water, a formula that is more gentle but just as effective.

Also once a week you should perform a descaling peel blackheads. You can also use a daily cream that contains salicylic acid as ideal to prevent accumulation in the pores of dirt.

Apply once a week or fortnight a cleansing mask to remove impurities and illuminate the face. If you use a white clay, get also regulate the production of fat.

Makeup heat resistant

For best results during the summer when makeup, what is necessary is to choose well your products. This begins with a base that has no added fats that help give color to the skin without increasing the risk of the appearance of shine. The magnifying papers are also very effective to eliminate glare. Apply gentle pressure on the area at the time and absorb fat.

With a translucent powder is achieved give the skin a velvety matte appearance and further reduce glare. The products are also very effective kill. Please avoid leftovers bright eyes and lip gloss, as both increase the sense of brightness plus they disappear very shortly after application.

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