Stretch marks during pregnancy

Stretch marks during pregnancy

Stretch marks during pregnancy - find out what creams and remedies for stretch marks will help you keep your skin during pregnancy.

Stretch marks appearing during pregnancy plagued many women. Get rid of them is not easy, so it makes more sense to try to prevent their occurrence. Today we talk about how to properly care for your skin to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy.

First of all, you must understand that skin care during pregnancy should be comprehensive and regular. It makes no sense to hope for some one "miracle remedy", which will protect your skin from the appearance of stretch marks, there is no sense in the procedures that you will carry out only occasionally. Just as you should not be a long list of complex actions that you still will not be able to perform on a regular basis, more reasonable to choose during pregnancy are some simple measures that you can easily implement to avoid stretch marks.

The first rule, which will help prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, should be a regular hydration of the skin. Why is this? Separate areas of your skin (chest, abdomen, thighs) during pregnancy have a very heavy workload associated with the stretching of the skin. Most of the women clearly feel these changes, as in the areas of stretching the skin starts to itch and peel. This area of potential extensions - that they need to pay special attention, good lubricating and moisturizing cosmetic oils, preferably specifically designed to prevent stretch marks. So you remove the discomfort and improve skin elasticity.

Also, one of the points in your program to combat stretch marks during pregnancy should be a regular massage. Massage is an effective means to prevent stretch marks, because it improves blood circulation, and this, in turn, makes the skin more elastic. And here, again, should pay special attention to problem areas. Using massage brush or a soft glove, pregnancy gently massage the skin of the breast, thighs, abdomen, to strengthen it and do not give any chance to stretch marks.

It is important to understand that the measures to eliminate stretch marks during pregnancy can bring success in the absence of proper control weight gain. The skin has the ability to stretch without good education , if given at this time. That is a gradual and slight increase in weight will allow the skin to "adapt" to the new requirements without fatal results. But if you start typing pounds too quickly - this happens when a woman during pregnancy begins to move a little and have a lot more of what she and the fetus is required - your skin will simply "break" instead of stretch. Permanent weight control - your assistant in the fight against stretch marks.

Hence it is very important to organize your meals. On the Internet there are special sites that will help you make the menu at all during pregnancy. Well-designed diet will help provide the body with all necessary not only to maintain the elasticity of your skin and fight stretch marks, but also for the health of you and your baby.

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