What is polycystic ovary syndrome

What is polycystic ovary syndrome

Polycystic ovary syndrome is a condition that causes sterility in women and can occur at any age and also causes irregular periods and acne, obesity town especially in the abdomen and hips and hair loss.

What is poly cystic ovary syndrome?

The PCO is known as the disease is a hormonal condition that decreases the fertility of women between 7% and 10% of them but today has treatment and even cure possibilities.

According to experts is an increase in the number of eggs found in the ovaries of women whose clinical picture is accompanied by a number of other symptoms such as hair loss, oily skin, cellulite, obesity in the abdomen and hip and arrears or absence of the rule. Sometimes it is also accompanied by irregularities in the blood or increased egg to do an ultrasound. It is normal that all the symptoms appear together, but the combination of some of them can be used to make a diagnosis of this disorder.

When should you consult?

When girls are small it can manifest through an increase or abdominal obesity. In adolescence with skin disorders, menstrual disorders and obesity. Already in the reproductive age, absence of pregnancy and menstrual disorders are the most common reasons. At menopause it is common to be suffering from hypertension, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular problems type.

How can you observe the symptoms of polycystic ovarian disease can appear throughout a woman's life so it is very important that the doctor diagnosed the sooner this box to prevent future complications.

Change your lifestyle

Type therapeutic measures have to start with some changes in the lifestyle of the patient such as performing some form of physical exercise and a diet that is rich in vegetables, fruits , fish and the food must-haves that are rich in antioxidants such as salmon, tuna and green tea .

For women who are overweight and you are found to have what is known as " insulin resistance " , we must use a drug called metformin that help you lose weight and change the different alterations in their metabolism.

Women suffering infertility have to resort to necessary medication for ovulation and the egg quality improves. In rare cases it may be necessary laparoscopic surgery and even if in vitro fertilization with the problem of PCO are added factors such as advanced age , lack of successful outcomes in previous treatment or any kind of male factor that find also altered .

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