What is Advisable to Eat and What not During Menstruation

What is Advisable to Eat and What not During Menstruation

The duration of menstruation is normal that the woman is more stressed due to mood swings. If you want to reduce this level of stress, it is best to consume the right foods to have a better mood.

Eat vegetables

The green vegetables are rich in magnesium , calcium and potassium , nutrients that prevent and relieve spasms caused by pain. Besides these minerals relax and soothe emotions thereby reducing irritability. They also contain a large amounts of vitamin K , vitamin necessary for blood clotting and thus preventing excessive bleeding.

Omega 3 fatty acids

The substances that are involved in muscle contractions and menstrual pain, are very similar to hormones known as prostaglandins and a very effective way to turn off the effect of this hormone is consuming omega 3 fatty acids found in nuts , salmon and flax seeds .


The fruits are generally rich in manganese but certainly the richest in it's pineapple. In addition it also contains high levels of bromelain , an enzyme that is thought to help relax muscles and therefore prevent menstrual cramps.


An excessive fluid retention is a major cause of menstrual cramps and a way to reduce it is to increase water consumption , although it may seem contradictory. For if a woman does not drink enough, the body can compensate for the deficiency of water retaining an additional way .

Foods to avoid during menstruation


During this period you should avoid caffeine because it constricts blood vessels in addition to dehydrate the body , which can cause headaches and even increase the common nervousness you have for these I gave , as.

Processed foods

If sodium intake is reduced swelling and fluid retention what to avoid processed and canned foods , cheese products , cold meat and any food that has two hundred mg is decreased. or more of sodium per serving.

Fried foods

Fried foods increase estrogen levels regardless of whether it is vegetable oil or animal fat. It is essential to maintain stable levels of estrogen and that changes in the uterus will not be as dramatic and pain and reduce cramps.


Refined sugars can actually increase and then block blood sugar, causing us to be cranky and lethargic. So it is important not to take too much sugar and limit consumption of sweets, cakes and white flour that the body become sugar quickly. You can also try to eat small amounts frequently throughout the day instead of three main meals so that glucose levels remain stable.

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