Wide hips - what to do, what to wear

Wide hips - what to do, what to wear

Despite the fact that wide hips have always been considered a sign of femininity, many women still worried about the excessive roundness of the body part. If you do not consider their dignity wide hips and you are unable to reduce their volume by using a variety of diets and exercise, there remains only one way out: to hide wide hips under the right to pick up clothes. Fortunately, a variety of fashionable styles of various items of women's wardrobe allows women with wide hips to create a harmonious way and thus visually balance the proportions of the figure.

Trousers for women with wide hips

For example, a well-chosen pants can hide wide hips and become the most convenient and attractive element of the ensemble for women with "outstanding" hips. To hide scrunchie thigh gives the silhouette of a smart appearance, wearing slacks. It is worth dwelling on models with low waist, but the pants with high seating stylists recommend ignored. It is also desirable that the pants do not have pockets or on the sides or rear. Generally, the smaller will be the decorative details on the trousers in the area of ​​the buttocks, the smaller will be the focus on the problem area.

Wide hips and skirts

However, the practicality of trousers should not outweigh the feminine skirts, the more that women with wide hips can pick up quite well, "slimming" style skirt. For example, one of the favorites of this area is considered to be a skirt A-shaped silhouette, preferably knee-length. As outsiders appear narrower models and skirts, tailored on the bias. For wide hips preferred model sufficiently rigorous style of plain fabric muted colors. Admissible soft drape and vertical folds or decorative stitches even welcome, because they contribute to the visual "lengthening" of the silhouette. But horizontal stripes should be avoided, as well as the massive parts like patch pockets. In addition, women with wide hips should not wear pleated skirts. To look even more slim, do not forget to wear a skirt with the shoes even for a small but heels.

Wide hips - choose dresses

Even more romantic and feminine look dresses, which also have to find a place in the wardrobe of any of the fair sex. Women with wide hips should wear model with the decor or the interesting details in the upper part of the dress (they would switch our attention to the lower part of the figure). Choose dress fitted silhouette, but flaring - this style will hide wide hips, will make your figure more proportional and emphasize your femininity. Woman with full hips is recommended to avoid dresses with lavish d├ęcor in the waist or hips, and the folds and assemblies.

Coats for wide hips

In cold weather, a woman can not do without a stylish coat, and women with wide hips should definitely get a coat of A-shaped silhouette. Women with wide hips better to wear a coat of medium length, up to the knee or just below. Look great coat with large items at the top. For example, the volume or large shawl collar lapels not only focus on the upper part of the figure, but also increase its volume, which allows you to visually balance the "top" with a wide "bottom".

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