Irritation of the skin after hair removal - what to do

Irritation of the skin after hair removal - what to do

Irritation of the skin after hair removal - a problem pervasive, because hair removal is very traumatic, but proper skin care will help relieve irritation in a few days.

Whichever technique of hair removal you choose, all the same after it, your skin will need special care. Microtrauma inflicted skin during hair removal, can have serious consequences: irritation, inflammation, pigmentation, ingrown hairs, etc. But competent care for irritated skin after hair removal helps you to easily remove the irritation and prevent the future occurrence of such problems.

1 What to do after epilation

What to do after hair removal, ask often because hair removal - the procedure is very traumatic. First of all, after epilation need to decontaminate the skin from bacteria and soothe her. And if you do waxing, then remove wax - this is done with a cotton swab dipped in any vegetable oil. After that, the skin care after hair removal are ideal special aftershave (even men!) Or baby cream. But baby powder is not suitable, because it clogs the skin, which is fraught with inflammation.

2 Skin irritation after epilation

Irritation of the skin after hair removal is easy enough to remove if you do not start the process and apply the right tools after hair removal, relieving irritation. In beauty parlors usually recommend antiseptics, such as 70% alcohol, tincture of calendula, chamomile, or propolis, but it hardly can be called the best advice to keep skin care, because alcohol and wound irritates and dries the skin. Beautiful output - used after epilation ordinary hydrogen peroxide. As a "pharmacy" alternative to other antiseptics are recommended: Miromistin, Furatsilinom, Hlorgesedin, thermal water.

If you notice after epilation skin severe irritation, you should use remedies: Malawi, solkoseril, Actovegin, boro plus. Wonderful soothing, disinfecting and regenerating properties are ointments containing panthenol.

3 Folk remedies to relieve irritation after epilation

There are many folk remedies that work well for removing the irritation of the skin after hair removal. The most effective of these are considered eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil. Put a couple drops of essential oil in a tablespoon of vegetable mixture and use for the treatment of irritated or inflamed areas. And aloe juice can be used in fresh form: simply wash torn sheet, cut it in half and apply half to irritated skin.

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