Looks From Jean

How to Looks From Jean

Although the jean is a common garment and so many years without being dethroned, has diversity of styles, colors, shapes and textures, so you have to find the best way to combine and perfect accessories for every occasion.

The jean is the preferred and most famous garment for most women in the world , but the trends of different hues create jeans that need to learn to combine them look good . Furthermore, to handle different colors , textures and include materials that can make them even more attractive .

The common jean is the classic blue or blue jean , which are usually easier to combine , then go well with blouses or textured striped or checkered, much better with blazers or sweaters, or even T-shirts are fantastic long sleeve with armhole or an unstructured cut.

In the case of gray jeans , it's good to choose pants that have worn something that vein areas and modern and not outdated . Can be used with T or strong and bold prints, minimalist approach , but that if caring for unused or similar gray tones.

The clear blue jeans and so generally look great in clothing that is also clear. They can work very well with long sleeves blouses that are lilac , pink or light blue , even other pastel shades.

There are a few options quite strong and flashy jeans, which are those that are black and textured to give the impression that they are leather or reptile. When using a pair of this type , it is good to use earth colors on blouses or sweaters and if they may have a linear pattern .

Pants that have a color a little acid, like fuchsia or pink can be mixed with white clothes and that may be a little steamy for accessories are accompanied with color jean and stay really look different, striking and very nice.

Besides the color is good to define the type of design on the jean. At this moment the most used are the skinny boot or tube as they are worn and dark, blend perfectly with camibuso or having two tones.

In the case of some larger boot or even boot bell that are widely used in the workplace jeans, can be dressed with a black blouse for added style elegance and sobriety. It can be combined with a long necklace and gold colors or silver.

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