Partners Sex Trivia

Partners Sex Trivia
The company has been commissioned to create false beliefs around many issues and sex is no exception, but we must find a way to clarify such doubts and lies and thus have a much more relaxed sexual life.

It is an activity practiced by many around the world, but there are many myths that revolve around Sui, and most people believe in them. Just as there are some common, others quite unusual.

 For example, condoms are a very high publicity in the market and although not used in many countries due to lack of education, and unwanted pregnancy or contracting sexually transmitted diseases occur, there are still people who believe that when economic situation is bad, buying condoms begins to decrease, but it is not true, paradoxically, increase sales. Although there are many pregnancies, there are people who believe it is better to invest in a condom into a baby and still is not the time.

Pornography has a high market share of the web pages, and while most of society think it is something hidden or secretive, about 21% of the pages that move in the world can become pornographic, is say between 1 and 2 pages of 10, run this type of content. It is also a myth that only a man sees pornography as women do, but in a more reserved manner and are tell everyone or share, whether it's with her friends.

It is true that most women awaken their desire to want to have sex when you are in your ovulation days. This relates more to the hormonal behavior and sense of survival, and the body needs to find some way to reproduce without any kind of fruit is produced.

Many people say that the human body was designed in such a way so that he could experience more pleasure than that of a woman, which is absolutely false, as the organ or area more pleasure and excitement can feel is the clitoris, part of women.

Another myth is that if more substantial level sex is practiced throughout the week, you can be generating benefits for the body and especially to the immune system. The truth is that it is true and it is recommended practice to generate pass defenses and to minimize stress.

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