Best Tips for Getting a Nice eyebrows

Best Tips for Getting a Nice eyebrows

Eyebrows are one of the most interesting elements of our face, especially for women. In addition to play an important role in the face as it can be protect from dust or water, are highly aesthetic. Learn how to achieve perfect eyebrows with the following tips.

Shaping the inner edges

A very effective way to get a pretty good eyebrows is to shape their inner edges . For this you can use the following trick : place a makeup brush as vertically to the side of your nose and then , taking as reference the brush , go removing all the hair that is located between the eyebrows off his line .

Creams for eyebrows

There are special creams that moisturize brows and even stimulate growth, but if you want you can prepare at home with a mixture gallic acid and castor oil that will ensure that your eyebrows grow faster or even can massage them with some olive oil to achieve the same effect.

Clean eyebrows

You need to wash daily eyebrows gently rubbing them with a bit of common soap. Yes, it is very important that after you clarify the perfectly to remove all traces of soap, because if that happened, can reach weaken over time and make you fall .

Tweezing eyebrows after shower

The best time to shave the eyebrows is given after a shower with hot water , since the skin pores are more open and redness are avoided in this area. It is very important that the instruments used are in perfect condition and very clean , because otherwise it may get an infection.

Tonic after waxing

Once you have done waxing eyebrows , you must use a tonic for humectarlas and achieve a great look . Or you can use a little honey. With its use irritations and infections are avoided as tonics have bactericidal effects .
Smooth eyebrows moisturizer

If your problem is unruly eyebrows , you can get smooth them without having to use any chemicals. To do so you should just use any moisturizer on a regular basis and get the eyebrows always remain in place, that they lie flat and stiff sometimes have effect and that is so unflattering deletion.

Combing eyebrows

Eyebrow styling brush that is soft is needed. With the use for loose hairs are removed, and stimulate growth . It also has an important aesthetic value , and that well- groomed eyebrows will make the face look much nicer .

Consult a specialist

If you do not have much practice at the time to shape your eyebrows , it's best to turn to a specialist. In addition to advise on how they should have, you will perform the removal in a very short time and without any pain.

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