Aishwarya Rai - Soft Skin - the pride of women

Skin Care - one of the most important factors in maintaining female beauty, young, well-groomed. Several famous women in the world will share with you the secrets of ancient household, how to care for the skin in their countries.

Aishwarya Rai, Indian actress and model

Pride of Oriental women - their skin soft and smooth as silk, and all thanks to the fact that the local home cosmetology widely used almonds and coconut oil. The ground almonds is an excellent natural exfoliant, and coconut oil perfectly removes inflammation, as well as effective against fungal lesions. On what other recipes can be easy to implement at home, we are told in the material homemade scrubs - see how to make a great scrub from conventional products.

Mineko Iwasaki - the most famous geisha of the twentieth century

Japanese women are known for delicate, thin, white skin. How they manage to achieve the effect of a porcelain skin? They use local folk remedy - scrub from rice bran. Bran placed in a bag, lightly moisten and rub their body and face. Such scrub not only effectively cleanses the skin by removing the stratum corneum, and feeds it useful substances, in particular vitamin E, known for their antioxidant properties. Who wants to see my skin soft, we recommend to watch whitening skin - even more accessible and effective ways.

Elle Macpherson, an Australian fashion model

In Australia, women prefer to care for face and body using olive oil. They do this a useful product to the skin for several hours is absorbed oil, but then it is removed with warm water residues. Some Australian for nutrition and cleansing products used viticulture: grape seeds are used to peel, juice and vitamin berries used as a nourishing mask, which nourishes the skin with bioactive substances. Read the article body masks, these recipes will help your skin always amazed surrounding soft and smooth.

Adriana Karembeu, Czech fashion model

Gym shoes have always attracted the attention of the freshness of the skin. This is not surprising, as a resident of this country is traditionally used for washing fresh milk, which is perfectly cleanses and moisturizes the skin. It should be borne in mind that the milk fat is suitable only to owners of dry skin and skin prone to fat content, it is advisable to use low fat dairy products. In addition to washing, you can use milk and water as a basis when doing facials - we collected for you over 200 different recipes.

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