Acne on the back

Acne on the back

Acne on the back - a phenomenon which although can be hidden under clothing, delivers plenty of discomfort. And the idea, why did these unfortunate pryshi on the back. Unfortunately, the simple answer to this question is impossible, so let's deal stages.

The most ordinary cause of acne on the back is a hygiene issue. Solve it simply by giving during a visit to a bath or shower special attention to the area of acne. After cleansing, wipe it back salicylic alcohol or tincture of calendula. Another tip - use a solution of potassium permanganate, which dry the skin in areas of acne.

Another common cause of acne on the back - is allergic to cosmetics used by you for the body. For some reason she does not like your skin, and allergic reactions appear in the form of acne on the back.
Cause acne on your back can not just cosmetic - unfortunately lately specialists note a sharp increase in the appearance of acne on the back due to the use of "bad" clothing. This synthetic materials, and chemical dyes tissues. In this case, alas, to get rid of acne on the back, will have to buy new cosmetics and clothing, at least one that is in direct contact with the skin.

But persistent large pimples on my back with dense structure should lead you to think about the problems in the internal organs. This may be a hormonal imbalance, goiter, diseases of the female genital organs, gastrointestinal problems - to find out the root cause of acne, you need to get tested and begin treatment of the underlying disease.

Often, acne on the back provoked bad habits or poor diet. Alcohol, smoking, consumption of fatty and spicy foods lead to "contamination" of the body of toxins that are just removed from the body through the pores of the skin. The fact that the back is a large part of the sweat glands, and recovering large amounts of toxins may cause acne in this field.

So, to what conclusion we come from? To what causes acne on the back can be set, and say why you develop acne on the back, the first time is difficult, and if the usual methods of cleansing do not help, you should contact a dermatologist. As for home remedies for acne on the back, it is good hygiene, wiping back acne in areas we have already mentioned salicylic alcohol and Calendula, a change of clothes and cosmetics. Also recommended a course of vitamins and drink plenty of liquids to enhance the body's metabolism.

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