Secrets of Almond peeling - A natural flower

Secrets of Almond peeling - A natural flower

Almond peeling - Effective Cleaning and facial rejuvenation, due to its soft influence almond peeling least disadvantages and contraindications, which makes it a universal way of healing and improve the aesthetics of the face. All the subtleties and secrets of almond peeling we describe in this article.

So, almond peeling - this is one of the varieties of chemical peels, which is based on the active chemical. In particular, almond peeling based on mandelic acid, which is produced by extraction of bitter almonds. Mandelic acid is less invasive, so acts on the skin gently and delicately. For these reasons, almond peeling refers to one of the most effective and safe cosmetic procedures.

Almond peeling - the action and the pros procedure.

Almond peeling actively exfoliates dead cells from the surface of the face and, thus, is struggling with any type of manifestations of acne - acne and pimples. And also able to smooth out the surface of the face, which is important in combating the effects of acne, such as the roughness of the skin and acne scars. Mandelic acid has anti-inflammatory, so struggling with any inflammation in the skin of the face - pimples, blocked pores and comedones different.

Note and rejuvenating effect of almond peeling. It not only smoothes fine wrinkles around the eyes, forehead and nasolabial triangle, but also can restore firmness and elasticity of the skin. Moreover, the procedure of almond peeling can activate the production of "own" the collagen and elastin in the dermis. This ensures impressive anti-aging effect, resulting in the cosmetic procedure. Almond peeling shows and porous oily skin, as normalizes sebum production and improves the natural nutrition in the tissues. In addition, almond peeling proved to be excellent in removing age spots, primarily due to the action of mandelic acid. By soft impact on the skin, almond peeling shows before the procedure deeper cleaning person - laser and mechanical polishing. Finally, almond peeling, has no side effects such as pigmentation, so it can be used in the summer, which deprived other chemical peels.

How is almond peeling

Almond peeling procedure includes 7 consecutive stages.

1 Makeup removal - removes makeup and debris.
2 Steaming skin - for deeper penetration of the active ingredient.
3 Purification face special tonic containing 5% mandelic acid.
4 Pre-peeling agent containing 10% mandelic acid, in order to test the response of the skin on tolerability.
5 Actually peeling 30% mandelic acid, with special attention paid to the affected skin.
6 Application of special converter which terminates mandelic acid.
7 The final stage, which involves the application of a soothing mask.

After treatment, the skin may be severely desiccated, it is a normal reaction to the action of chemical agent. To help a little skin and moisturize it poslepilingovye use lotions, which include collagen, aloe and algae. With such components you can do and a face mask. In the days following the procedure, use cream with a fat texture, well, if they will be composed of extracts of aloe, oil and hyaluronic acid.

How many treatments are needed almond peeling

How many treatments are necessary to make almond peeling? In fact, everything will depend on your skin condition, perhaps you will manage and 2 procedures, it can only advise beautician. Typically, facial cleansing almond peeling is not recommended for more than 10 times.

Almond peeling at home

Now on the Internet you can buy compounds that advertise as possible for the almond peeling at home. We strongly recommend that you use them at home, because almond peeling contains active acid, and if you make a mistake in the calculation of the proportions of time, skin condition, you can simply burn the skin and for a long time to recover, as a chemical burn is very heavy. strongly advises anyone who wants to make almond peeling, making it a cosmetologist, but not at home. But those who want to cleanse the skin certainly at home, we offer materials that will allow you to do it effectively and safely.

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