Top Haircuts for each face

Haircuts for each face

Now that summer has arrived we change our habits, our clothes and why not also our image. This is an ideal time to clean our hair. But you might be any doubt about what is the best haircut according to your face shape. Read on and find out.

A round face

This little face defined by angles and shapes with some smooth cheekbones and chin slightly marked features, plus a wide cheeks. To achieve get the most out of these rounded forms must be marked angles.

The ideal cut is layers giving volume in the crown area. As length the average and long hair are highly recommended. If you get a very straight bangs all you would get is to highlight more rounded chin, so it is best procession with a few strands that are as close to the face. You get your face look more elongated if you curl your hair, you opt for a long bangs, layered mane behind or a high pigtails with a little volume in the crown area.

A long face

This type of face needs a haircut that favors its width, that is, an optical illusion that there is more volume in the area of the side. A cut to chin height is perfect with achieve frame the face and will fall at that height. They also go well with a long fringe short layers closer to the face to get the highlight cheekbones.

A mane with retro waves, a secluded in the ears remain outdoors, pick a mane aside hairstyles are the most recommended. The long, straight hair and regulate further highlight an elongated face, so it is best avoided.

A face heart

It is characterized by strong cheeks and a very strong and thin chin. In this case favoring hairstyles that have layers at the front and a few strands that frame the face. Not recommended stripe in the middle too definite traits that mark even more, in the same way that a short mane.

A square face

In this type of faces chin is not defined, the contours are too straight and chin and wide forehead. To soften the jaw is recommended to opt for a look with long hair, especially with waves and curls and bangs at the height of the eyebrows.

An oval face

This type of face is more symmetrical and almost all hairstyles you favor. They are characterized by wider at the cheek area in the jaw or forehead. Courts of short, long, medium long hair hair with bangs with waves, smooth .... almost all favor this type of faces.

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