Best Manual makeup Tips

Best Manual makeup Tips

Makeup is a great solution for thousands of women, but they must learn some basic rules to keep your skin beautiful, that does not appear to expression lines and to avoid making mistakes that are sometimes complex to repair.

Make up is easy and can be faster depending on the routine that every woman has, but also has some rules and regulations that must be taken into account so that they are well massaged and your face and your skin begin to not deteriorate.

1. The first thing that every woman should know from the start to make up, is not to stretch your skin clean, you should not try to remove makeup with a role that irritates the skin or desire not to use a makeup remover cream. Furthermore it is not allowed to leave the makeup at bedtime, so do not despair or be filled with laziness, is to be careful and work out the time range up to clean the face.

2. Another golden rules is to use sunscreen every day. In reality and with climate change, it is almost an obligation. Try to locate a blocker that is suitable for skin and that is also compatible with makeup. They may have special products for oily or dry skin.

3. Face to some, it is the letter to others and must be maintained without becoming obsessed with it. Sometimes the girls in the middle of your skin look clean, they begin to crush the grains of his face or try to squeeze blackheads using your fingernails. But this is a serious, serious mistake. What is infect succeed in spots, do they spread to clean areas, attract stains and make the makeup also react negatively on the wounds, inflammations and other traces of the presence of pimples or acne.

4. Eyebrows also define the shape and beauty of the face. You can even make younger or more adult to a woman, so it is better than professional help is sought to find the ideal shape, then it will be easier to fix them each month without leaving them too thin, which is what looking for most women.

5. Lips are a very sensitive area and requires a lot of attention, especially when they start to peel, to get up , bleeding and dry out very often. Can exfoliate with honey and sugar and cocoa cream moisturize daily.

6. Makeup and perfect face, not only refers to using beauty products and fix the eyes, lips or eyebrows or eyelashes. Includes teeth, because a beautiful smile attracts and see a more beautiful woman. So every day we must try to use dental floss to remove plaque or tartar and brushing three times a day.

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