The Fashionable Retro fashion is back

The Fashionable Retro fashion is back
Retro fashion is back and some of the details that most attract attention are the use of prints, miniskirts, and the inclusion of colorful clothes in formal styles.

Fashion is a way of coming and going of trends that remain or evolve, in times that were and are now back. This happens with the sixties, seventies and eighties style that was used in the clothes and now beginning to take hold within the world of fashion. Dresses are one of the items that are being imposed in all seasons and the girls give their personal touch with certain accessories.

In the decades of the 60s, 70s and 80s, what was necessary was the color, flashy, extravagant shapes, colors and acids that attracted attention from afar. Exactly, that's what today is starting to look the windows and in the streets. The good news is that many of the items that have this kind of detail, can be worn for formal or informal occasions and backward thinking is that to be smart or well dressed, always have to be completely black, white or gray scale.

We must find a way to even reuse some items that are inherited, perhaps cousins, aunts or friends. In stores are also seeing models wearing floral prints, with broken lines and shapes and lots of color. With regard to flowers, they can be of different sizes, perhaps a very large size maxi but perhaps other very small, in the form of collage and tones from a strong and shocking pink to stick very quiet and subdued pink.

One of the prints that draw attention and relate more immediately to the 70 or 80, are the points. Great and small, white, black or colored, but always decorating a garment and give it that retro touch. Usually girls who wear dresses with these patterns, combine it with black tights or a solid color with accessories that also have some points.

Mini skirts also return with different designs and materials can be printed, pleated, cloth, leather, but the important thing is to keep the style. To be used in a formal way, it is possible to combine it with some heels and a coat, and a thick belt.

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