How to Perform Breast Self-examination

How to Perform Breast Self-examination

Any detection on time makes a speedy recovery. In the case of women's breasts is in our own hands to get it. And that is taking into account the many changes that are suffering from puberty and throughout the menstrual cycle and menopause, they are undergoing a series of changes that can be detected in time provided that an appropriate physical examination is followed.

When and how a breast self-examination performed

Best suited for carrying out a self-time is five to seven days after the beginning of the rule. It is recommended to set a day in each month, especially if already entered menopause. This way you get a better understanding of the breasts and soon noticed any change in them.

The first thing to do is analyze your appearance. Each woman's breasts are completely different so all you need to know is perfectly yours. Begin by standing in front of a mirror with your arms at each side completely relaxed to start looking for any changes in them as wrinkles, dimples, porous skin, nipple turning inward, dents and any variation in color, shape or contour.

Then you have to go changing the position of the arms always looking for some kind of change. Raise your arms above your head and then placed his hands on his hips firmly to finish from that leaning forward position.

The second part of the self is to lie on your back with a pillow under the entry under the breast being examined to further raise your arm and place your head below shoulder. With his free hand palpating the breast looking for any type of hardening, pain or swelling.

You must use the pads of your three middle fingers to palpate small circles over the entire area. After moving down and up from the outer part of the breast, ie, under the armpit, to the center of the chest. You also have to consider going down to the area of ​​the clavicle.

Ends compressing very gently with your thumb and middle finger the nipple to see if there is any discharge. Performs the same operations with the other breast.

Diseases of the breast

There are many conditions that may get generated in the breast throughout the life of a woman mainly due to hormonal changes, and although they do not always pose a breast cancer, there is that caution and consult with the doctor as any noticeable difference.

Mastitis is one of them and is caused by an inflammation or infection of the sinuses that can be caused for abscesses, bacteria or fungi among other causes. Cysts may also appear, ie fluid filled bumps for lumps or swelling and thickening cone area that is called fibrocystic.

Also a round, solid, rubbery nodules that move very easily under pressure and are called fibroadenomas usually appear in young women more often may appear.

Another of the most common problems is the appearance of intraductal papillomas, in the case of very similar to warts that grow near nipple bumps.

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