New Summer Trend Fashion under the Sun

 New Summer Trend Fashion under the Sun

Go to the beach should be a chance for fashion to manifest in the best way and although the look is usually pretty uncomplicated and fresh, you have to know how to combine clothes, colors and accessories, so that the result is great !

Although we are in the summertime , there are many places where the sun shines with great force and need to know how to dress well be beautiful , be contextualized with the landscape and place. Going to the beach is not just use small and flimsy clothes do not overheat the body , because as I must take into account trends , how to combine textures and colors and use accessories. What if you have to keep in mind is that the color is the protagonist and prints are the order of the day.

Dresses , coats , skirts and so on, have in common , the use of strong , bold , vibrant and accompanied with large or small shapes colors. The good news is that this type of clothing will always be good for a lunch or when walking along the beach, even in the afternoon where the breeze is beginning to be strong , they will be beautiful .

The blouses are also perfect and silk that are clear and can be a good option, in addition to go perfectly with short or long skirts and sheer pants or fishermen . Good thing that the garments are clear, is that the body and keep you cool when you have details as docking clamps or lace can be very striking .

Bathing suits must be feeling , it is what the girls look generally exhibit when they go on vacation , yes , ensuring that they look good, you do not kick them or those annoying thick that is commensurate with the body shape . But neither can become an obsession when put on a bathing suit, because the idea is to feel calm and nice and not insecure and full of fear, where no garment shown or walking naturally. Fortunately there are integral , colorful , patterned , halter, strapless type and others. So there are many options to choose from.

The bathrobes are indispensable when visiting the beach . All either in dress, skirt or trousers , are quite comfortable , lightweight and can become the best allies in protecting the body against obscene looks of some tourists.

Accessories are very important to complete the beach look , nothing better than an object to care hair from sunlight : hats . Fortunately there are all kinds , shapes, sizes , colors , designs, etc. . There are some who have a kind of flap and protects the face from appearing wrinkles or freckles, can protect the shoulders of burns.

Finally, to give the final touch , the sandals are indicated. Just do not have too much heel or if possible , without it , for nothing worse than going to the beach and out of the shoe is buried in sand or accidentally bend the foot while strolling around town . It's good to use the bright colors and if possible and for those who like it, those who have any kind of decor as ribbons , stones or tissues.

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