The Renewal of the Closet

The Renewal of the Closet

The current trend guides the girls to make a "romp" in your closet and can select what is best and what they definitely can not be reused because they will be very dated.

This is the spice cabinet , removing what is no longer used , even take advantage of what serves and reuse or redesign what has life and even looks good.

For example , glasses with ornate decorations can be achieved in a store and at very low price, but they are quite striking given the very stylish look. Also give much expression to the face and generates innovation in the picture. Most designs handle different textures, colors , details like flowers, applique or arabesque things . Lenses that can be reused are having elongated shapes , minimalist colors like black or white and can give a very cincuentera identity. Which at this time should be saved for use at a later time , are those sunglasses , which are characterized by very large and cover most of the face. The trend right now is not as popular .

In the case of shoes , one can buy shoes also have details and color, as well as in the case of lenses . There are many details that have rhinestones , embroidery and even shiny materials . The important thing is that they can be combined with the clothes that are used daily . Those that can be reused and are usually stored in the closet , almost forgotten, are shoes with heels , the famous lace and high often because of moves over tired, or because they can not handle the weather did not helps. But it's time to reuse. What if you forget to save and time consuming, especially when the platforms are sandals. Subtle footwear, low , simple and feminine is now used .

For a couple nights , dresses can be used very bright and transparent lingerie, not to teach everything and preferably leave to the imagination. To go to the beach , ethnic , long silk dresses are the order of the day and remain stunning especially at night. You must save the dresses with shoulder pads , which seem bulky and seem outdated.

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