Trendy pants for fat women

Trendy pants for fat women

Without trousers in her wardrobe today is not costing almost no woman and full of ladies simply should not become an exception. Yes, choose pants for women with "problem" figures are not so easy, but a properly fitted pants can become not only practical and comfortable garment, but a real decoration full of women. It is clear that the pants should "hide" the fact that we should not flaunt it, and do not hide their femininity owner. However, as this knowledge into practice?

Pants for obese women - look at the shape

Almost any fat woman would look good in a straight or flared trousers with a basque waist. However, this is a rather conservative option for those who prefer the classics. For a more "advanced" plump fashionistas fit "bananas", which also can be a flirt at the waist. Alternatively, choose pants basque taxable figure from the waist to mid-thigh. This style hides the true scope of the hips and "slim" legs. To submit a piece in an even more favorable light, wear trousers with such high-heel shoes.

Regarding pants, tapering downwards, they are not contraindicated in obese women, contrary to popular belief. Complete women may well wear this fashionable style of pants, but only following a few rules. Firstly, it is desirable that tapering trousers not snug leg too tightly at the bottom (give preference to models with a relatively loose bottom part). Second, to balance the proportions of the figure, the upper part of the right Pick up the ensemble: "top" - top, blouse - should end at the hips.

Pants for obese women - the length and width

An important factor that should necessarily be taken into account when choosing pants for fat women - long trousers. The best option - pants on the floor, which makes the leg visually longer and slimmer complete woman. However, it should take into account your height - if you complete and thus high, choose the right long and wide pants, capri pants and suit you. For obese women of small stature best solution will be 7/8 length trousers, it is desirable that they have narrowed down a bit.

As for the width of the pants, the pants on obese women look best when observed the golden mean, that is, they are not wide, and narrow.

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