Waterfall Braid Step By Step Hairstyle Tutorial

How to create this stunning hairstyle. In order to achieve this look, just abide by the steps given below and I hope you will absolutely love this hairstyle.

  • Get started with french plait or braid above right ear as shown in first picture.
  • Now begin the waterfall section by tugging the left hair strand into the center.
  • From top of the head, get hair and tug it in the center similarly as done in second step.
  • On right side, pick up the strand and fall it downwards.
  • After that, grab the area of your hair which is exactly in the back of strand you fallen.
  • Next, position this area into the center portion of braid, then ongoing this procedure functioning in the direction of left side of your scalp.
  • After you arrive at left side, shed the hair strand down on right side same as told in fourth step.
  • Now cover the left hair strand above the center part.
  • With the help of bobby pin, safe the strand in its location.
  • Lastly, conceal the pin with the help of some other hair and you are done!

  • See the image below to understand well about the steps mentioned above.


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