Remove the yellowing with bleached hair

Remove the yellowing with bleached hair
Virtually all holders of bleached hair periodically faced with yellow hair, which considerably spoils the appearance. How to prevent the unwanted appearance of yellow color on bleached hair and remove yellowness with hair - talk about professional hairdressers and stylists.

Yellowness and hair lightening

If you are concerned about how to remove the yellowness with bleached hair, begin to solve it in advance. Before proceeding to the clarification, assess the condition of their hair. This is the first step, which in the future will make it easy to remove the yellowing hair. If the over-dried hair, brittle, it is recommended to first course of rehabilitation treatment (using medicated shampoos, conditioners, hair masks), and only then begin to lighten. Otherwise, you face an uneven staining and, as a consequence, the problem of yellow hair, which is not so easy to clean. Also it is not recommended to start lightening if damaged scalp, for example, due to the recently implemented a perm. Remember that lighten the hair is recommended no sooner than two weeks after the "chemistry". Also note the original hair color, as already lightening dyed hair (especially if they are painted with henna ) may not turn you into a blonde and a redhead.

To avoid yellowing hair, you need to adhere to specific rules and clarification. The paint is applied starting from the back of the head, as this is where the hair is lightened longer. Then proceed to the middle of the painting, and whiskey, and finally leave the bangs. To get rid of a possible yellow hair, try to apply paint as soon as possible, but do not forget to grab fairly thin strands to evenly paint over all the hair. Upon initial clarification is recommended first middle part hair dye, and after 20 minutes treat the roots and to keep the paint further 15 minutes. Repeated brightening, contrast, color the roots first, and then - the rest of the hair. Such dyeing, if necessary, can quickly remove yellowness from hair. It is not recommended to paint intensively hair ends to prevent damage to them. Also, the professionals do not advise to lighten your hair more than once a month.

Also of great importance is the correct choice of tools for lightening or hair coloring. Clarifying means just hair bleaching, and hair dyes simultaneously clarified and give the hair a certain color, for example, platinum, pearl, etc. Some paints also have tinted effect, allowing just neutralized unwanted yellowness hair.
Yellowness of hair - what to do if it has already appeared

Unfortunately, even the observance of all these rules and recommendations does not guarantee a solution of yellow hair. And if the question is how to remove the yellowness with hair longer relevant, you must apply certain means of neutralizing yellowness. For example, use a coloring shampoo, which is added to the conventional means for washing the hair in the ratio of 1 to 3 and keep the hair just a few minutes. Choose pearl, gray, silver, purple hues, but in any case not overdo it, otherwise your hair can get quite unnatural hue. To remove the yellowness with hair coloring shampoos may be used during each 3-4th shampooing, however, for darker hair may need more intensive use.

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