Oily skin and makeup in summer

Oily skin and makeup in summer

With the arrival of summer comes the hot days and sun and therefore a deeply tanned skin and a face that they need when applying makeup, a look most natural. And this season is that usually go out with little makeup. But yet we still have special occasions that need makeup. If those times you want your face does not appear too bright by heat or fat, read on.


Oily skin tend to be generally a nuisance, especially when it's hot and you sweat more than usual. So this type of skin will require special attention since they will not be able to use any type of makeup. Also in these cases will be necessary to conceal the shine on the face that are so characteristic of this type of skin and sometimes can be very complicated, especially in summer.

To avoid such situations you should avoid all those oily substances such as for example the foundations. During the summer if you have a nice tan, you can even do without them, but if what you want is to hide any imperfection, you must use some foundations that are oil-free and non-liquid. Some are special for oily skin, do not worry.

How to make up oily skin in summer

Besides trying to avoid as we have said the foundation, especially those containing oily oils during this hot season is also not necessary to apply powder because it is more likely that the skin is already pretty enough and brunette. So just a little rouge with which give some life to the cheeks will do. That's right, I blush and powder is special for oily, fluid ever since all you get is a brighter feel to the skin.

As you can see the summer makeup for oily skin does not have any complications, you simply need to choose the appropriate and necessary to treat oily skin characteristics elements. Yes, all those who wish to complete your look with well striking eyes and very sensual lips, do not hesitate. In this case you can use any type of makeup as lipsticks or eye shadows and of course mascara, eyeliner or eye stripe, for anything to affect oily skin. Choose the colors that blend with your skin tone, hair and eyes and maquĆ­llate to enjoy summer to the fullest.

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