What to Wear Stockings in a Grid to Avoid Vulgarity

What to Wear Stockings in a Grid to Avoid Vulgarity

What to Wear Stockings in a Grid to Avoid Vulgarity? If a woman is interested in, what to wear stockings in a grid, it is hoped that these tights are not black, and the grid - a medium-sized.

Best Rules
  • The skirt should be the same color as the tights .
  • If you decide to wear these socks to the office , then wear them on the knee skirt or 10 cm below the knee.
  • Models of skirts and dresses to such stockings most suitable pencil skirt or shift dress .
  • With stockings in a grid, go out , do not wear mini skirts or shorts .
  • To put into the net stockings classic pumps or ballet flats , preferably the same color as the stockings .
  • In an extreme case , and fit studs just closed nose. However, it is permissible to wear a model with open heel .
  • Ladies also do not wear stockings in a grid with boots or boots on a high platform shoes and acid tones.
  • Grid is preferable to choose a medium-sized , with a monotone pattern.
  • In office advised not to wear bright colors of pantyhose , especially in the mesh . Stay neutral black, gray or beige.
  • Representatives of the younger generation can venture to wear stockings in a large grid , however, it should be remembered that they accentuate the legs , respectively , they should be almost perfect shape .
  • Owners of overly skinny legs can apply mesh stockings in white to camouflage this defect shapes.
  • If you have a perfect figure and shape of the feet, you can highlight its beauty , wearing fishnet stockings with arrows (which can take place not only at the rear , but the side of the calf and below).

Wearing stockings in a grid should not be too often. Let it be a special occasion (birthday, corporate party) when you need to attract attention to his person. One can only wish that you, wearing these socks, became the object of admiring glances and not snide smiles and caustic comments from colleagues and others about your extreme attire.
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