What to wear if the broad shoulders

What to wear if the broad shoulders

Broad shoulders can be considered a virtue rather than a female and a male figure. Nevertheless, even some Hollywood actresses are the owners of broad shoulders, that does not prevent them shine in the movie and on the red carpet. Therefore, you should not greatly upset if nature has given you a few broad, from your point of view, the shoulders. This disadvantage can be easily adjusted by choosing the correct clothes.

The biggest mistake many women - with broad shoulders wearing the clothes in which they can hide, that is three-dimensional. Thus, they think they hide broad shoulders. As a result, the visual top of an even more increased. To hide broad shoulders, choose such clothing when shoulders are not emphasized, and attention is distracted by other things and costume accessories.

What top to wear with broad shoulders

To hide wide shoulders, wear at the top of the ensemble things simple cut and dark shades. Round neck better than triangular or square.

A good solution is the extended "up", whether or top coat: these models visually stretched silhouette and distract attention from broad shoulders.

Be attentive to the contoured sleeves! "The Bat", raglan, kimono should become your best friends.

Broad-quite the ladies can wear things with a neckline that visually pull the upper torso and does not allow to create a continuous "strip" at the shoulders.

What to wear at the bottom of the broad shoulders

To hide wide shoulders, wear such ensembles in which the bottom of brighter, more interesting top. For example, wear kits with bright skirts or pants that are "drawn" view of the lower part of the figure.

Skirts with broad shoulders better wear curvy and classic, especially good-tulip skirt and trousers or jeans - the broad, loose in the hip area that balances the figure.

Note that visually lengthen the silhouette and divert attention from broad shoulders can not only clothes, but well-chosen accessories. For example, long necklace, scarf around the neck or a scarf with long dangling edges perfectly cope with this task.

What not to wear at the broad shoulders

Now it is worth recalling broad-ladies, what clothes they had better be deleted from your wardrobe? to visually conceal the broad shoulders. Large pictures, things with epaulettes on the shoulders, the ultra-bright colors and shiny materials will make your figure more massive and further emphasize the width of your shoulders. Do not blindly follow fashion, although voluminous shoulders in the spirit of the 80s is still relevant, you are contraindicated and a cut of the shoulder, and shoulder pads. Wanting to hide his broad shoulders, prefer street clothes with wide lapels and avoid bottlenecks, in comparison with which your shoulders look huge. The same rule stands and observe when choosing belts: Down with narrow straps, long live the wide belts!

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