As Hair Straightening

As Hair Straightening

Many women believe that hair supports all kinds of abuse, especially straightening irons and high temperature. But they do not realize that with each passing day, hair loses more life, dried, becomes more rebellious and starts to fall. Keep in mind certain of advice, not to end the life of the hair.

The plates have become the solution for many women arrange their hair and troubleshoot or damaged hair frizz or without form or excess volume. But amid the cares of everyday life, have fallen into the habit of many mistakes that can lead to damage your hair and have to wait long before seeing him again healthy.

In the market there are thousands of products that promise all sorts of things, but that does not mean that a board is very expensive, has the best benefits or because one is cheaper, it means it was damaged in a very short time and quality is very low. Everything depends on the temperature stability, not to exceed levels and does not generate damage in each hair fiber. The best are those ionic plates that transfer heat faster and therefore often the iron through the hair, are lower.

Another fault committed by girls, especially those with long hair, is to buy a very wide board, believing that in this way they had just faster. It might work, but only for the purpose of saving time, but details like waves to achieve if a much thinner and long iron is needed. There are some girls who believe that the board has become her best friend and use it every day, and even twice in a span of 24 hours. What you are accomplishing is to end the life of your hair. If drying effects it is better to use the dryer as it has no direct contact with the hair, and be careful that the iron is used only when necessary. They can be found new ways of combing without it being compulsory daily straightening.

Do not put the iron work in the higher temperature, because it means that in this way is completed faster. The lower temperature is handled for very thin hair that are badly damaged or have stains, it is 160 °. The maximum temperature is 230 °, when used for thick hair that is healthy but can be rebellious. Finally, the most common mistake is to use the iron on wet hair. Just wait for it to dry and then if you start ironing. But the healthiest hair that dry, so it is with the natural air and not with a hairdryer. Usually when a girl ironing her hair this way, a tone sounds like something burning when frying and precisely that is what happens to the hair: burnt.

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