IPL and Laser Hair Removal at Home

IPL and Laser Hair Removal at Home

 You do not need to attend a beauty center to remove that annoying hair on the skin, as in the market and products are being distributed through the IPL and laser technology, allow women to leave behind the use of blades or depilatory waxes .

Hair removal is one of the factors that matter most to women they do not know how to do it safely, not to generate them many costs , not make them born ingrown hairs or represent some kind of danger because the burning or make them irritation. Also, do not know what the " hand" of the beautician who will do the procedure and if they will cause a lot of pain, so I often prefer to do it on their own and learn to manage your own pain sensation.

Depending on your hormonal concentration , type of skin or genetic factors , a woman can have more or fewer grouping of hairs and that's when they begin to define the type of procedure , the frequency and obviously get the results they want . The main products that are used for these cases of female hair removal, are Blades , waxing and depilatory creams , which in 10 minutes wipe out all the hair , but unfortunately, are representing many disadvantages that keep the girls happy what they see.

For example , the blade makes the hair out faster and thicker, also creating an image of a black spot . The wax causes skin irritation , get hurt and can be a lot of ingrown hairs or onset of severe skin infections and finally , the depilatory cream is also a risk that can cause burns and because hair back and grows almost the next day, then it is not as effective . One of the solutions that have estheticians , is the application of laser hair removal was once extremely expensive , but now has become a much easier process of being able to use, in economic terms, the results also become very effective and applying at least 5 or 6 times , with intervals of approximately 35 days .

The good news is that there is no need to go to a spa or aesthetic scepter for a woman to treat, since in the market, are offering devices with IPL technology, which facilitates the disappearance of that uncomfortable and annoying hair. In a time of nearly six weeks, the girls begin to perceive the change in your skin , appearance and texture of hair .

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