Perfumes - Myths and Realities

Perfumes - Myths and Realities

We often hear a number of concepts related to the world of perfumery and left with doubts about the accuracy of these.

Here, we investigate the successes and failures when using fragrances and give long life.

Myths and Realities

The aroma is variable is quite true that a perfume smell may vary depending on your person it is applied ; This is because we take each body is different , and when combined with a fragrance different odors can be detached .

Apply fragrance to the hair causes damage this statement is so false , that experts recommend applications perfume on his head , because the loose hair fibers make it one of the best fragrance diffusers . However, it is recommended that those who dye their hair do not apply perfume just above the neck, to avoid discoloration.

Avoid rubbing the perfume after applying Although a very common step to apply fragrances , rubbing perfume ( hands, wrist to wrist, or on the face ) cuts its effect , given that it needs to rest on the skin, to cause the scent to permeate and endure.

Pregnant women should not use No perfume can cause alterations in pregnant women or their babies. Nothing prevents a pregnant woman can show off the best fragrances . The only downside is that it could present the perfume , the acuity of smell during pregnancy, causing nausea , vomiting or dizziness.

There are key points for implementation Yeah, and you only need to know to identify which areas of the body where they feel the pulsations are . Wrists there is greater blood flow and this makes them an ideal place to spread the fragrance . Behind the ears , knees and neck may be other ideal areas for the application , like the inside of the elbows.

Improve love life Though it is said that those perfumes pheromones help in love, this is not true . So far no studies have proven that pheromones influence the attraction from person to person . The perfume you purchase must please you , or have not these substances , even promote it with the false promise of becoming a goddess.

His contact with the sun can stain Apply perfume and exposed to direct sunlight , can cause dark spots on the skin. The effect is that the product contains phototoxic substances which on contact with sunlight can stain your skin, allowing for an effect called " dermopigmentation " .

You can choose just smell it on a paper strip No, although it is common in perfumeries you get to know the scents in this way. Through the strips you can select one or two perfumes, but to make the final decision , you should try it directly on your skin; only then discover what his true aroma.

They can cause allergic Yes , because your body and smell, the perfume is a foreign agent . Usually, the reaction is immediately can cause irritation , or 48 hours after use . In these cases it is recommended to repeat the application for seven days, to see how your skin reacts to new essence.

They keep their smell every ounce Given the continued use, the smell becomes accustomed to certain smells and in a while, the perfume will not have the same smell as the first day. But the effect is personal ; others they can perceive the real smell , so when you feel your perfume loses power, the solution will not be applying double ration .

There are factors that alter the smell of perfume. It is entirely true that the scent of fragrances can vary depending on different factors:

Weather conditions : The aromas changed by varying the natural skin oil and when hot the skin produces more fat and the perfume is more intense . In dry and cold days the skin produces less fat and perfume goes faster.

Smoking: The skin of smokers experience changes . As a result , the scent lasts less than elia skin ios nonsmokers.

The place : If life is changed in the field to reside in the city, the scent lasts less : removes contamination effect to perfume.

Food and tobacco : The snuff is another factor that affects the flavor and fragrance duration ; if you have the habit of smoking, apart from thousands of reasons why they should dispense with its use in perfumery also very important . There have been studies by chemical researchers in different disciplines that indicate less persistence of the product in those who smoke , that's not counting the obvious mixture of odors and therefore degradation aroma.

Moreover, it would be ridiculous to make a considerable expense in a perfume to the strong smell of snuff less effective or completely hides , besides that when mixed produce unpleasant aromas.

Food also produces changes in the aromas ; if the diet is low in fat , the perfume will last less time, and if the type of foods that are eaten are spicy or strong-smelling these will mix with an unpleasant aroma when worn .

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