Simple Ways to Tie a Scarf Around the Neck

 Simple Ways to Tie a Scarf Around the Neck

Different ways to tie a scarf around the neck will make this little accessory to one of the main parts of your everyday or festive image. Here are some of them.

Scarf top coat
It is a beautiful way to tie a scarf instead of a collar outerwear. Pounces on the neck scarf, one end should be much longer than the other. Swathes of the long end around his neck twice, then the end is passed under the loop and connect it to the other end with a single or double knot.

Under the jacket
There are different ways to tie a scarf under the jacket. Here is one of them. It begins the same way as the above method, only tighter noose is tightening, and do not turn around the neck two and three. Once we tied the ends, they need to hide themselves under the scarf.

Over sweaters
Scarf start winding as well as with previous methods. For this embodiment, it is enough to one or two turns. Thread the ends of the scarf under the loop, but do not connect, and leave free.

Scarf with fringe
This scarf should be wide enough and dense. Starting time is the same as previously described. After we did the first round, take one end of the longer end of the scarf (which we wrapped around the neck) and this edge is passed through the loop on the neck and fasten it there. Thus we have on the chest "dissolved" the last part of the scarf resembling shawl.

Scarf with a loop
Long scarf folded in half and sprinkles on his neck. Acupressure edge (right) is passed into the loop (left). Loop pulls and twist again. In a newly formed loop is threaded ends scarf again.

These Ways to tie a scarf around the neck is not limited to the above. They depend on the thickness, length and texture enhancement. You can experiment by tying a scarf combinations of several ways, or come up with your own based on the proposed method.

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